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Thomas Brown


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Thomas Brown


About me

Thomas was born and raised in The Greater Toronto suburb of Richmond Hill. Thomas made the move from Toronto to Hamilton after he recognized a renewed positivity surrounding Hamilton. From his unique perspective as a lifelong Torontonian, he could see that the city was rapidly developing and promised opportunity.

Thomas was happily calling Hamilton his home and working with Ambitious Realty Advisors, when his talent as a craftsman was recognized by the owner of a century home in Richmond Hill. Thomas’ skill had earned him the rare opportunity to live in the heritage, estate home while he worked towards its complete restoration. The project masterfully blended the Real Estate and Construction industries, both of significant importance to Thomas, and he jumped at the chance. The restoration took nearly a year to complete, and in that time, Thomas grew his network in both industries. Ultimately, this led to Thomas acquiring his current position with a large, Toronto-based Real Estate Development firm.

Today, Thomas continues to represent Ambitious Realty Advisors in both the Hamilton and Toronto markets in his work with first time buyers. Tom specializes in finding unique properties that offer added-value for his clients; whether that’s a duplex that offers rental income, a double lot where his clients can build a second home and sever the lot to sell, or properties where the location of the lot itself drives the value.

In his spare time, Thomas participates in BILD, a land development and homebuilders association based in the Greater Toronto Area. He spends the rest of his time travelling, building furniture for his home, or helping his friends and family complete their own handy projects. When asked what makes Thomas ambitious, he responded, “In as genuine a way as I can say it, you only live once. Your time is limited, so I try to make the best use of that.”